"We inherited our freedom. Now it’s up to all of us to fight for it"

New Dawn is a Charity Multigun Event

New Dawn is a unique two day Charity Multigun Shooting Event taking place on Saturday, May 31st and Sunday, June 1st. All proceeds from both days will be donated to Mercuryone.org

Event Location

Triple C Tactical Training LLC.
14333 Cleburne Hwy
Cresson, TX 76035

Saturday May 31st

9 STAGE NATIONAL MULTI-GUN MATCH (7 mirrored stages) featuring:
  • Cult classic movie & military themed stages and props
  • Free Texas BBQ for competitors
  • National sponsor and vendor demos with an amazing prize table
  • Limited to 175 competitors!
  • Great sponsorship packages available!

Sunday June 1st

SUNDAY FUNDAY! Carnival style pay to play per stage event with:
  • Texas BBQ
  • Drawings and auctions for firearms, optics, ammo & gear
  • Sunday Funday IS NOT A COMPETITION
  • Sunday Funday is a fun way to let attendees fire specialized weapons in a themed event

Stages featuring:

  • Aerial gunnery (shooting from helicopters)
  • Suppressed, SBR & Full Auto
  • House provided weapons and ammo (AK’s AR’s, variants & long distance guns) & exploding targets!
  • Firearm enthusiasts can take part in single or multiple events with discounted rates for event multi play packs!